Reinventing the Birthday


Ok so technically I’m not reinventing the day of someones birth but this year my youngest brother turned 20! When thinking of how to make this year memorable for him without recycling my old ideas I decided to turn it into a me day or I mean a him day lol. So this is our version of family holiday and now October 19th will now be known as Michael day! I know that’s such a millennial thing to do but I figured it was the perfect way to celebrate the end of his teenage years by dedicating a whole day to just him and having a him themed birthday.

For this special occasion I decided to ditch the cake and get him some fun donuts instead. These were from a cool donut shop in Santa Clara called Psycho Donuts. They had fun names like their white powdered chocolate donut called Michael Jackson and a Kooky Monster which was an oreo topped donut with blue drizzle. I topped these donuts with mini cut outs of his face because he was such a cute kid!

I made him custom garland that shows his transformation into the young man he is today. It was super easy and I used items that I already had a home.

I first scanned all the images I wanted to use onto my computer then used a little Photoshop to enlarge just his head onto 8.5×11 paper. I then cut those out and used a regular brown paper bag to glue the images onto to support the paper. I used tape to secure the string and picture together and that was pretty much it! I used streamers to decorate the pictures for a bit more flare but I also liked how it looked alone.

This project was so easy and a great way to show your loved one a bit more love on their birthday or any day you want to celebrate someone special!


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